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      1. 关于我们  



        Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as SCCHCL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec. It was established as Sinopec Chemical Sales Branch and was officially listed on May 10, 2005. On February 2, 2009, the integration of domestic and foreign trade business of chemical products was completed, and it was renamed as SCCHCL for integrated operation.



        With integration of domestic and international market, SCCHCL is currently the largest petrochemical company in China and as well as in Asia. Its business covers petrochemical product resource planning, marketing, product sales, logistics operation, customer service, related chemical raw material procurement and supply, logistics facilities and overseas chemical business investment. SCCHCL has more than 2,300 employees and operates more than 77 million tons of chemical products annually. Its main products such as synthetic resins, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber raw materials, synthetic fibers and polymers, organic chemical raw materials, fertilizers and special chemicals all take the leading domestic market shares. Having established strategic partnerships with many well-known logistics service providers, its annual logistics operation exceeds 15 million tons.



            Headquartered in Beijing, SCCHCL has five regional branches: North China Branch located in Beijing, East China Branch in Shanghai, South China Branch in Guangzhou, Central China Branch in Wuhan and Jiangsu Branch in Nanjing, SCCHCL has established 27 marketing offices in major consumer concentration centers and logistics distribution centers across the country, 35 offices in the enterprises and 2 companies registered in free trade zones, has equipped with transit depots with a view to be closer to the market and to respond faster to customer demand; SCCHCL set up SCCH(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, relying on which, established 7 overseas offices which are respectively located in Vietnam, Singapore, Middle East, North America, South Korea, Russia and Taiwan, China. These overseas offices facilitate SCCHCL to work more closely with its international partners and offer best service to its global customers.



        In June 2016, Petrochemical e-Trade (www.chememall.com) was officially launched; in January 2019, the Internet of Things system was officially launched. Petrochemical e-Trade is one of Sinopec's professional e-commerce websites, focusing on petrochemical products, focusing on creating trading opportunities for petrochemical customers, facilitating trading services, breaking trading barriers, and with rely on Sinopec's advantages of resources, customers and brand, providing its customers with one-stop service. In 2018, it was awarded as "Excellent Service Brand of Sinopec".


        SCCHCL adheres to the philosophy of "integrating into the local, taking advantage of tendency for development, and achieving win-win cooperation", shoulders the corporate mission of "Better Energy for Better Living" and adheres to its core values of "people, responsibility, integrity, excellence, innovation and collaboration" keeps to be market-oriented, customer-focused, and, one marketing strategy has been made for one product, one service scheme devised for one customer, one  system customized for one enterprise. SCCHCL constantly improves and perfects the marketing network, shapes the Sinopec brand, and strives to be a world-class chemical trader.